So I have been a stuck with this one today as temperature is below zero today, & didn’t venture outside until late.  I nearly got a photograph of a lady as she got off a bus, but Jack put me off saying you can’t just take someone’s photo! (she did look a bit scary too) Which got me thinking as I was just going to snap a picture of someone, but when you start to think about it you wonder…perhaps I should take one sneakily & subtlely, taking a more voyeuristic approach to it all, or actually maybe I should just ask someone if  I can take their photo – which I suppose would be the right thing to do.  Anyway by the time I got home it was getting dark & I didn’t want to use my flash & draw attention to myself as by this time I had to go for voyeuristic tactics.

Here is my result…a lady waiting to cross the road, taken using a zoom from the comfort of my own home.  Today I am your nosy neighbour!