Well we had a lovely & action-packed first day of the Christmas month!

Not only did we get to open the first door of our advent calender but we decided that as we are lucky enough to live so close to such wonderful coastline here in Suffolk…a day out with fabulous friends in Aldeburgh was called for to chase seagulls & eat some chippies! Oh & for Mummy to lose the only car key we have of course! (Daddy previously lost the spare in Aldeburgh on a stag night earlier in the year!)

It was like a spring day today despite being the first day of the last month in the year. Aldeburgh high street was looking stylishly Christmasy of course, we also had the pleasure of being served by the most miserable & rude old girl in the chip shop. (should have gone to the harbour end chip shop not the GG!)

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Quote of the day from Jen…”This lemonade tastes like toilets”

We took a detour home so Bella could meet the reindeer at Red House Christmas Barn in Sternfield…Poor reindeer was on his own doing continuous laps round his pen, I felt a bit sorry for him-impressive antlers though & we saw him do a wee! Mummy plan worked too as both toots fell asleep on the way home, which meant we could have a peaceful cuppa tea…ahhhhhhhhhh.

Then I realised when preparing to leave Jens I had lost my car key somewhere on Aldeburgh beach DOH! The locksmith is coming tomorrow to make it all better.

Now to continue pom pom making.