So I have finally accomplished the opening of my first ever online shop with ETSY…well done me!

My eyes hurt from staring at a screen for too long, uploading photos, writing descriptions, coming up with shop policies, & working out shipping costs.  Along with starting up my twitter account again, & beginning a facebook page(more details when it is finished) to link everything together as you do!

Amongst all this I have been having to amuse young Bella too as jack has been working all weekend.

Here’s what we got up to after a bored Sunday trip to the Arboretum in Christchurch Park, Ipswich (which by the way we have a very special secret garden gate into!)

While in the arboretum inspiration struck, we collected beautiful pink,orange & maple leaves with the idea of sticking them onto a drawn tree picture to paint & glitter up, then adding cut outs of our faces to make a family tree!  Only silly Mummy thought it would be a good idea to dry the leaves on the radiator, thus….said leaves disintergrating when touched. Whoops! However we did make some makeshift leaves which Bella drew & cut out of red, green & yellow(JAH!) sugar paper, which actually worked a treat with spectacular results. Well done Bella, a great collaborative piece of art work.

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